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Equisolute also known as Padrinox 

Discover the power of Equisolute
-Flexible Joints
-For prevention and the easing of symptoms of osteoarthritis
-Maintenance of strong bones
-Supply of daily energy needs
-Support of the immune system
-Growth and better functionality of the muscles
- A healthy and shiny coat
- Good eyesight
-Normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin
-Maintaining the proper functioning of the heart
- Support of the vascular system
- A well-functioning gut wall and intestinal flora
- Quick recovery after physical exercise
-Less muscle aches and acidification
-Less moments of stress

- All the necessary vitamins, minerals and herbs in one supplement.
- Well-balanced dosage, tailored to your horse
- Contributes to the health, power and flexibilty of your horse.
-Recommended for every horse active in equestrian sports

The complete nutritional supplement for horses.

(I first trialled this product after my horse injured self and remained unsound in paddock despite alternative treatments, and almost 12 months off. This product was my last option before retiring her, I thought what do I have to loose. After having her on the product for two weeks I seen improvement in her movement. She was walking around paddock freely and comfortably. After 4 weeks she was back to light riding, and 3 months was back in competition. At one point I ran out of supplement for a few days where I seen a difference in her movement where she was stiff, however after resuming treatment she was free and happy. This is when I was first convinced this product was helping my horse, after stopping and resuming and seeing difference without product. Following this I trialled on my other competition horses, one that has attitudinal issues, very hot and would not focus whilst competing, often not wanting to enter the arena to compete. After trialling him on this product he was a different horse, settled and focused on his job. I also have all my old timers on this product, and they all look and feel great. Love this product. )

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